i hate my chest so much its co big i cant find any bra in my sizes anywhere and especially alomost no sports bras and i cant bind or do anything at all im just stuck trying to fit into the ‘medium’ size sports bra i have thats pretty tight and digs into my shoulders a lot but at least compresses me a lil bit even though it really doesnt fit well and im having the same kind of breathing troubles i have when trying to bind with my binder that dosnt fit 

there are litterally no bras anywhere for over like DDD cups theres no way im ever going to find fucking k cup bras why cant i get breast reduction surgery already this is hell this is so bad i hate my chest so much wtf 

ive ad top surgery fund raisers and stuff out since like may and ive only gotten 25$ and like 150 notes on both of them combined like come on wtf 

#this is the worst #im so angry #i hate my chest ugh #dysphoria